How it Works


Customer Purchases

Customers that can spend straight from their bank accounts are more likely to purchase more than cash clients. Your customers and patients can easily connect their bank account directly to Green and pay with their Green Card branded to your dispensary.


Secure Transmission of Funds

With our best of class security, funds are electronically transmitted from your customer’s account to yours.


Funds Available within 24 Hours

Just like traditional merchant processing, funds are made available generally by next day.  You’re not getting something like a merchant account, you’re getting a merchant account.


You’ve Been Disclosed

We make all of the disclosures necessary to comply with federal guidelines in real time.  This seamless process keeps you immediately compliant.


Use Your Money

Do you need to pay your employees? Done.  Do you need to pay your utility bill?  Done.  Do you need to pay yourself? Done.  Your electronically available funds can be used just like they could for any other business.  Welcome to the 21st century.

The Green Card Branded to Your Business

Want to build brand loyalty? For customers who have physical cards, Green can provide custom vanity payment cards with your logo and image – totally free to you. When your customer requests a Green Card, we’ll rush it out to them with your brand on it.

The Green Card can be accepted at any dispensary that takes Green. But your customers will have a constant reminder of your dispensary with your logo in their wallet.

Works With Your Existing POS System

Our gateway is compatible with most POS systems. Whether your setup is common or custom, we won’t leave you on your own to get setup. Our support team can get you up and running with Green in no time.

Customers Can Create an Account in Seconds

When your customers show up at your dispensary, if they don’t have an account, they can set up one in seconds with our system.  And they can easily link their Green account with their bank and fund right away.

Green is the only truly FinCEN compliant payment system solving the common cash and compliance issues cannabis operations currently face.

For far too long, marijuana establishments have been trying to operate in the 21st century but have been limited to fewer financial services than existed in the 18th century.  All of the headaches you are facing now can be solved by an inexpensive, easy-to-use system.

Green Takes Care of You

Originally when we started seeing state-sanctioned cannabis systems, people didn’t realize the headache cash was going to create.  At first everyone was so excited about legalized cannabis, they didn’t recognize all the problems inherent in a cash only system.

We know as a dispensary owner, you are being inundated on a daily basis with promises of a solution.  But it doesn’t take long to realize these so-called solutions fall short of what you actually need.  Either they are a start-up that hasn’t been proven and was mostly likely programmed in their mother’s basement or they are somebody who has literally no idea how to securely transmit payments.  Or both.

Because they can’t get a solution with the security they need and the features they want, a lot of dispensary owners have resigned themselves to just having to except the headaches and risk of a cash only system.  You wouldn’t think trying to participate in an economy would be this difficult.  But it doesn’t have to be.

With Green, you’re not dealing with a company new to this space.  Since we’ve been on both the issuing and acquiring side of payment processing, our backbone processes about 60 million transactions a month and issues over 1 million cards a month.  What this means for you is you finally have a system available that does what it claims and does so in an affordable, secure and permanent way.

Start selling with Green

Create your free account in minutes and join the millions of businesses using Green.

*Green is available only to licensed establishments as part of a state sanctioned cannabis system. Applicants must provide proof of licensure in their respective state.

We adhere to the guidance as laid out through the Cole Memo and the supplementary memo from Treasury.


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