What is Green?

Green is a full featured electronic payment and FinCEN compliant payment system custom built for the needs of legitimate CRB’s and dispensaries. With Green, you can take payments from customers and patients electronically drawn from their bank account. You can also take cash knowing that you have a safe and easy way to manage it with deposits, withdrawals, spending, and transfers all out of one simple system.

Does your system allow me to take Visa or MasterCard?

No, you cannot take them as payment legitimately. No one can because Visa and MasterCard currently prohibit any financial transactions with Federally Controlled Substances. If any businesses are currently saying they do accept Visa & MasterCard, it’s pretty much certain they are merely getting away with this behavior for now by making misrepresentations to their merchant provider, which is highly Illegal. As a fully FinCEN compliant company, we don’t advocate practices that could cost owner’s their business.

As soon as either Visa and MasterCard change this policy (likely they will in the future) because Green is a top tier level 1 payment processor, we’ve already built into the system the ability to flip a switch and immediately enable that feature.

Does Green work with my existing POS system?

Yes. Almost all POS systems can be setup with our gateway.

How do Patients and Customers Get their Payment Card?

In person / point of sale customers can sign up for a payment card featuring your brand a couple of different ways:

You can have an iPad setup for them to sign up to get a payment card and enter their banking info. If your operation has an ecommerce store setup, then this info can also be used to let them make their purchase right then and there. If you do not have an ecommerce (online store) setup, then you can take cash from them on their initial purchase.

We can create a solution for your retail staff to take the information from your customer in person via your POS system if possible.

Your staff can take the customer’s email address and have our system send them a link for signup which they can complete on their own.

How Much Does Green Cost?

Green is free to set up. We’ll even send you a free terminal if you need it. We’ll provide technical support to connect your POS system free. We’ll provide your customers and patients with electronic payment cards connected to their bank accounts with your logo and brand design for free. We’ll provide you with an app customized to your brand that lets your customers sign up for a payment card on an iPad at your shop.

Our merchant fees and cash deposits are the most competitive in the industry. Contact a sales rep to discuss our fees based on your business volume and risk profiles. We work with everyone from very low volume to multi-location high volume operations.

Does Green Offer Secured / Armored Cash Pickups?

Depending on your volume, yes we can. We’ve found that many dispensaries lose a significant amount of profit to the costs associated with cash loss and handling. In some cases, we can build this cost into our service to you.

How Do I Access Funds?

Green is both the merchant provider and the gateway. As such, we can provide you with a virtual banking system. This means you can spend or withdraw funds directly from your Green account or you can transfer them to another bank account. You can do all this without worry over financial compliance issues because we’ve taken care of that for you.

Is this Like a Gift Card or Reloadable Card?

Absolutely not. Gift card and reloadable card systems do not meet our security and compliance standards nor are they as convenient as our cards. Our cards allow customers and patients to link a checking account from any U.S. bank to their Green account.

Can I Use Green with my Existing Merchant Account?

Yes! If you are already setup with a payment system, talk to us about how Green can supplement your system with additional features!

Start selling with Green

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*Green is available only to licensed establishments as part of a state sanctioned cannabis system. Applicants must provide proof of licensure in their respective state.

We adhere to the guidance as laid out through the Cole Memo and the supplementary memo from Treasury.


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