About Green

Green is the first purpose built solution to cannabis banking that solves cash handling issues, offers electronic payment and eCommerce features, and gives you immediate access to funds all while keeping you in FinCEN compliance.

If you’re a dispensary owner or in a cannabis related business, then our company should be at the top of your speed dial.

Our mission is to provide cannabis related businesses with top tier banking options that are so reliable that you can bet your career or business on them.

“Be Awesome Is Not Our Motto, It’s a Rule”

Who Are We?

The Green team started with our founder Jeremy Roberts. Jeremy got started in the industry working with Level 1 Payment Processors doing over 60 million transactions a month.

Green is a proprietary merchant processing system designed to serve the monetary demands of the state-legalized cannabis market. The Company is slated to provide dispensaries and related businesses with exclusive card processing services not otherwise available through most financial institutions.

Where Should You Start?

Green is super simple and affordable. It’s free to have as an option for your patients and customers. Why not be prepared for the day someone walks in and asks “Do you take Green?”

After you’ve joined our family, getting started is easy. We will lead you by the hand step by step by our team. Every question answered, and we’re always available if you need help.

From set up to your first transaction, you’ll love working with Green.

The best part is, you’re done having to stress over compliance and cash management issues. Green is a TOTAL banking solution for your Cannabis Related business.

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As a Green member, you can:

  • Take payments direct from patients
  • Bank cash and be fully in compliance with FinCEN and the Cole Memo
  • Pay bills, payroll and anything you need to as a business owner – straight from your Green account.
  • Get major credit cards attached to your Green account to pay expenses with
  • Have branded cards for your clients so that they have your brand with them everywhere they go
  • Never worry about having to manage huge cash holdings again
  • Set up recurring billing orders with patients
  • Integrate ecommerce shopping carts for online orders

We’ve helped Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Business Owners around the world, and we can help you too. Get started today (insert link) and guarantee you can answer “Yes, we take Green.”

Start selling with Green

Create your free account in minutes and join the millions of businesses using Green.

*Green is available only to licensed establishments as part of a state sanctioned cannabis system. Applicants must provide proof of licensure in their respective state.

We adhere to the guidance as laid out through the Cole Memo and the supplementary memo from Treasury.


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